Leaf Carpet Cleaning Offers Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Are you looking for the best professional carpet cleaning service in the area? You have come to right place! Leaf Carpet Cleaning has been in the carpet cleaning industry for many years and has had extensive training. We offer many different types of carpet cleaning from steam cleaning, to low moisture commercial cleaning.

Our residential steam carpet cleaning method will rinse your carpet fibers free from dirt and soiling. Our steam cleaning tools reach temperatures of over 200 degrees which works best for cleaning all types of dirt and grease, while being hot enough to disinfect your rugs. All that dirt and grime is sucked back out to a waste tank in our truck.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

For commercial carpet cleaning we use several different methods depending on the needs of the job. Sometimes we use hot water extraction, and other times we use a method call encapsulation cleaning. This is a low moisture type of cleaning method where the carpet is scrubbed with a special floor machine using a cleaning detergent that does not leave a stick cleaning residue. This chemical dries to a crystal, holding any remaining soiling until the carpet is vacuumed again.

For the best carpet cleaning in town give us a call!